We have always loved having a nibble before dinner, or any time of day really. Milly was always cooking up the tastiest dips while Sally was always eating them. When friends and family began asking to buy the dips, Milly decided to give Skinny Dipping a real go - Sally couldn’t not get on the dip wagon! So we began to decide on our very favourite recipes, always trying to bring something new to the dip game.  We were determined to create an honest, simple and delicious product that brought the fun back into healthy eating. We think we are on the road to doing just that, we hope you agree!


The Skinny Dippers are made up of Milly, Sally and Destiny. Together they take care of the making, packing and delivery of your skinny dips. Milly and Sally met at school, Destiny went to a different school but joined the hunnies later in life. Sally enjoys riding on the passenger side of her campervan and talking Towie trivia. She dislikes kitten heels and paying to go to the toilet. Milly's passions include giving manicures and rescuing dogs. She is less fond of Gerberas and Bikram yoga. Destiny loves her ball thrower and filet mignon. She can't stand stuck-up thoroughbreds and humans who don't let her on their lap. It’s the rudest.