First of many....

It's the first blog post of not only Skinny Dipping Dips but also my life (have mercy). We have been putting this off for circa 6 months now as we couldn’t imagine that anyone would care about our thoughts. However, we have been advised that blogging is a most vital part of the #startuplife and so we oblige. We will have recipes and the other impersonal posts to come, but we thought for our very first outing we should share a bit about the last few months and all it has taught us about pretending (not always successfully) that we know what we are doing. 

Our ‘launch' was unofficial and unexpected. In fact, maybe launch is too glam a word, it was more just our first day of trading. None the less we treated it like it was our wedding / 18th birthday party. On Thursday 23rd May we were told we had been granted a pitch at a food market in One New Change the following Tuesday. We sprung into action and took to amazon prime ordering all the rustic looking crates and spray paint that our money could by us. We wanted our stall to look as sassy as could be and arrive on the dip scene with a BANG! It wasn’t just our stall which we thought needed to look the part… We also made sure our outfits, hair and make up would reflect our brand perfectly. While our stall has been getting more and more extravagant our ‘look’ has done the opposite. We reflect back on our first market with patronising fondness. 

Although the market woman life is no easy gig we were able to meet our customers and hear their all important feedback. If people didn’t particularly like our Skinny Dips, it would have been important for us to learn this early on and save ourselves the heart ache. Luckily, this wasn’t the case as Sally had already quit her stable, sensible job. People seemed to kinda LOVE them. Our favourite feed back was from a woman at Partridges Market who told us that on waking up one morning and finding there was no breakfast in the house, she proceeded to eat our aubergine dip with a spoon, she loved it that much / was that desperate. 

Getting our skinny dips on the shelves of London grocery stores and delis was next on the agenda. Like with so much of what we take on, we were daunted but eager. A winning combination…

We spent days driving round town with an unimpressed Destiny the Dog in the back. I dodged traffic wardens while Sally gleefully popped into shops and thrusted dips upon unsuspecting shop assistants. Unanswered calls, voicemails and emails left us feeling like a couple overzealous dumpees. Luckily, perseverance paid off and we are now proudly sitting pretty on the shelves of some pretty swish shops (see stockist page).

I realise that am writing this post as if we have completed something, when in fact we are just realising the many many tasks left to do. Whether it is finding a manufacturer or getting likes on instagram, we are novices. We just hope you rather like our Skinny Dips and rather like hearing about our daily adventures ( / traumas). To all three people that read this… thank you kindly.