Shout out to my ex (AKA Hummus)

In the UK people LOVE hummus! We are the hummus capital of Europe (very important) consuming 12,000 tonnes of it each year and at any given time, about 41% of us have a pot in the fridge. Although rather niche, these fun facts paint a picture of the extremity of the obsession which has ensued. 

We get why, hummus is pretty yummy, but it’s a little 2008. But if not hummus, then what? Surely, sour cream and chive (Jesus wept) has no place in this modern age. 

It was this sort of inquisitive thought that brought us to a conclusion. The UK needed some dishier dips! So, armed with a magimix and a real motley crew of vegetables we endeavoured to create some new favourites. 

There were triumphs and failures along the way- the cauliflower dip was a real low light. But after many tastings with patient family and friends we settled on our recipes and got to work on dip domination. 

It seemed we weren’t the only dippers ready for a change. One rainy Saturday, as we sat miserable at Hampsted Market we were approached by a small child, no more than 6 years of age. His parents had given him £4 to spend on whatever market delight he chose. As his siblings inhaled doughnuts and cheese straws, he made a beeline for the vegetable dip stand. After trying each dip, he announced ‘I’m going to get the kale, chilli & lime’. His bemused parents made sure he knew what he was getting himself into, but he was decided ‘I love the Kale dip and I want it’. Here’s to hoping he’s not the only one ready for some dashing new dips!

We know there’s a long way to go but we’re done with dull dipping. So, hummus or houmous or humus (don’t even care anyway) it’s time to go our separate ways. We’ve had our fun, but the spark is now gone and it’s time to start seeing other dips.